RCB is considered to have a low chance of making the play-offs.

IPL 2023: ‘RCB team’…no chance of going to play-offs? BCCI’s Ipdia has won…fans in shock!

RCB is considered to have a low chance of making the play-offs

Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Punjab Kings are the teams that have not won a trophy in the IPL so far.

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In this, the RCB team, especially, has been presenting the slogan ‘E Salah Come Namthe’ recently and has been saying that they will win the trophy. But progressing to the play-offs, Sothappi is missing out on the final chance at the last minute. Only in 2016 has the team progressed to the finals. He did not even advance to the finals after that.

5 wins:

RCB, who performed brilliantly last season, lost badly in the play-offs. In this case, as Kohli has returned to form in the 16th season, RCB is performing very well. RCB are at the 5th position with 5 wins from 9 matches so far.

If the team wins 5 out of the next 6 matches, the play-off chances are considered bright. But the remaining schedule for RCB is embarrassing. Yes, only one of the next 5 matches will be played at Chinnachami Stadium.

RCB Remaining Table:

RCB have no chance to play at home against Delhi on May 6, Mumbai on May 9, Rajasthan Royals on May 14 and Sunrisers on May 18. Therefore, RCB’s chances of winning those matches are slightly less. In the last league match, Gujarat will face Titans at Chinnachami Stadium.

As Gujarat Titans are a strong team, RCB have a problem at home too. Therefore, it is considered that RCB’s chances of play-off are very low this time