Ladakh trip Planning? How much it costs for a Ladakh trip? What things should be taken for the trip? Things to buy

Ladakh trip Planning?

Ladakh trip Planning? How much it costs for a Ladakh trip? What things should be taken for the trip? Things to buy. Things to prepare the bike. We are going to see many topics like these in this article.

Most of the places in the Ladakh region are above 10,000 feet. When it comes to high altitude, you must remember two things. One is LOW OXYGEN. The other is LOW TEMPERATURE. If you already have any breathing problems / asthma… please consult a doctor before proceeding with your plans. Otherwise, there are many amazing places to visit in Ladakh. And you must enjoy them. To enjoy them fully, you must plan and prepare for the ride. I believe this article will help you in some extent for that preparation.

The Things you should buy/take to the Ladakh Trip


should buy/take to the Ladakh ” “Medicines” comes at the top of this list. Don’t forget to take your medicines. Diamox is an important medicine you shouldn’t miss. This medicine helps you greatly when there is low oxygen. If you have too much of vomiting and headache due to low oxygen, you should consume this medicine. But mostly you shouldn’t need this, if… you keep yourself hydrated and have proper food at all times during the trip. But if you have too much of vomiting and headache, don’t hesitate to take this pill.

First Aid Kit

take a first aid kit with you. and you know the usual other important medicines, for fever and cold, etc. Take them as well.

Riding Gear

Next in the list is Riding Gear. In this ride, Safety is very very very important. Among your riding gear, the Riding jacket is very important. Buy a riding jacket like this one. If you’re in Chennai, you can get it from there, or you can also get it ordered online. If you’re purchasing online, I’ll provide the link in the description, please check it. Compare the cost and make the purchase. When buying a riding jacket, look for one with thermal liner inside. Also make sure its waterproof or has a water proof liner inside. Because, in Ladakh, when the temperature is low, the thermal liner will provide insulation from cold winds. The cold wind will be very harsh. And that thermal liner provides good insulation. Also make sure it has good ventilation too, when needed. Check the type of ventilation, mostly its a mesh ventilation. This one has a mesh ventilation. It’s not always cold in Ladakh. So, in those times you need proper ventilation. In some regions during the ride, it’s going to be hot, and so you will need proper ventilation in those times. A lot of people will also say that Riding Pants are important. But there is an alternative. You can good knee guards instead of the riding pants, and that will be enough. I got this one online, I’ll put the link in the description below. So, please check it. The Knee Guard is important, because Safety is key. Atleast get these knee guards, if you’re not getting the Riding pants. You can wear these over your regular pants or jeans.

Riding Shoes

The next one is Riding Shoes. If Riding Shoes seem too expensive for you, you can also consider buying Gum Boots. You will have to cross few water streams, where the water level could be way above your ordinary shoes. In those times, these Gum Boots will help you keep your feet dry. Waterproof Trekking Shoes sometimes do the job when the water levels are not too much. If your feet become wet, it will be a challenge to dry them during your ride. So, I highly recommend getting these Gum Boots. Or if you have the budget, get proper riding shoes. Next one on the list is Thermal Wear. Apart from your ordinary clothes, you will need to buy thermal wear. Because it will be difficult in that cold without them. They’re available easily

Warm Gloves

Next one is Warm Gloves. I suffered a lot myself without proper gloves. have watched it in my videos. So, please don’t do that mistake. Choose a good pair of warm gloves. You would typically wear the warm gloves over your riding gloves. And obviously you need proper riding gloves.

Seat Cushion

Next one is Seat Cushion. This is not really mandatory, but a good optional. This gives you great comfort in long rides like this one. Because you can enjoy the view and the ride only when you are feeling comfortable. So, consider ordering this seat cushion too. I bought this on Amazon. This is not only for the Ladakh ride, but is very useful for daily commute as well. So, this is worth investment for those with two wheelers.


important thing is “Documents”. Drivers License is very very important (Obviously) You must carry the original as well as photocopies. Atleast carry two identity proofs in original. Apart from that, also take 5 to 6 photocopies. Also keep 8-10 passport sized photos of you. It will be useful to get permits.

Bungee Cords

The e is these type of Elastic Cords, called Bungee Cords. It has metallic hooks on both ends, which you can tie around your bike carrier or generally tie up luggage. Do buy some extras, because these cords do tend to break often at the ends, when used heavily.

Tings to take for the Bike

to take for the Bike” You definitely will have luggage on this trip. Because this is a long trip, chances are that there is a lot of luggage. So, it makes sense to fit a luggage carrier on the bike. It is called as “Ladakh Carrier”. It has racks on both the sides and also an extension rack at the back. If you don’t have that much of a luggage, you can also get a saddlebag. I’ll put the link of the saddlebag that I own. Check the reviews and purchase. Also, carry a spare spark plug for your bike. We can’t predict any unfortunate events, so its always better to carry a spare.

Accelerator and Clutch Cable

Next one up, is Accelerator and Clutch Cable. Have a spare of both of these with you. Mostly you should not face the need for this, but if you do, its a good thing to have it. It’s not going to occupy much space anyways.

Spare Tube

Next one is “Spare Tube”. If your tyres are not tubeless, then you must carry spare tubes. What’s the point of carrying a tube alone? So you need a puncture kit as well. Because places in Ladakh are remote, you shouldn’t be stranded in a place because of the puncture. This will save you in such situation, and it doesn’t occupy much space.

puncture kit

I didn’t carry a puncture kit, but I was lucky that nothing happened to my tyres on my trip. But everytime you can’t get lucky. So definitely carry a puncture kit and spare tube.

Spare Fuse

Next one is Spare Fuse. You will need this, if in case there is an eical failure. You might need this in those cases. It’s very small, and doesn’t occupy much space. So, don’t forget this.

Tank Bag

You can also get a tank bag like this one. Check this if you think you want it. This was very helpful for me, because I could access my things quickly for e.g., my cameras, water bottle, etc. All those quick things were in this bag, and on the tank, so they were easily accessible. You can easily open this during the ride when required. There is also a touch enable compartment on the top, to keep your smartphone. So, it also works as a phone holder, and makes it easy to navigate with maps. So, if you have budget to buy this, try to get it. But if you don’t, you have to carry a backpack which is easily accessible. I highly recommend this, because you can concentrate more on the ride, and can stop less number of times.

Rented Bike Or Own Bike

Next one, should you take a rented bike, or your own bike to Ladakh. This is solely based on your preference. Both have its pros and cons. If you want me to make a separate video on this topic, let me know in the comments section below. But to put it short, if you understand your bike well, … and believe that your bike has power to make it through High Altitude, then definitely take your own bike. But if you don’t have a powerful enough bike, or you haven’t understood your bike really well, then its better to take a rented bike.Ladakh trip Planning


Next one is “BUDGET”. This is actually a difficult question. Because it differs from person to person. It depends on from where you start the trip, … it depends on what kind of place you will stay… It depends on the type of food you prefer. So, because of so many variable factors its difficult to tell budget accurately. But I can give you an approximate idea. On average, you may spend around Rs.1000 for food and accomodation per day for single person. For two people, you may spend around Rs.1500. So, calculate this amount based on the number of days in your trip. Similarly, based on your start point for this trip, you can calculate how much you will spend for fuel. Delhi to Leh, and return, is around 3000kms. Assuming your mileage is 35kmpl, for 3000kms, You might end up paying around Rs. 20,000 for fuel on this trip. Another thing is that cost will also differ slightly based on whether you are bringing your own bike or a rented one. If you’re renting from Delhi, it may cost somewhere around 800 to 1000 based on the type of bike you’re renting. So, assuming its an 18 days trip, you might pay something around Rs. 16K for rent. If its your own bike, you might still pay a similar amount. You will be spending on things like Service, to fit carrier, and to transport the bike, etc. So, adding those things up, you might still spend a similar amount. You may save 5 to 6K based on your expenses for your bike. So, adding all these up, it would be around Rs. 2,00,000 (for single person). If you’re going in twos, then per person cost may decrease to something around Rs. 1,85,000. So, totally you can cover the trip for two in 3,70,000.

Note:This approximate idea Ladakh trip Planning


Next topic is Communication. In Ladakh, apart from BSNL, and Airtel Postpaid, nothing will work. Even BSNL, only the J&K SIM works. If its Airtel, forget about prepaid. Only postpaid will work, that too in some areas. So, prepare accordingly. You’re going to use maps, so save necessary maps online before the ride, because GPS signals work, but cellular data signals will not work. So, if you have offline maps, you will be able to use them there.


This is an optional thing. Not mandatory. This is a backup plan. Get a tent like this one. If you have a tent, and you feel in some place the stay is expensive … or if you didn’t find a suitable stay option, … you can pitch your tent and stay there for the night. You will also be saving a little bit of in our trip. I have also shared a video, on how to use this tent. I used this tent, on my Ladakh trip, and also on my Goa trip. So, if you take it with you it will definitely be useful. Staying in a tent, is also an amazing experience. Definitely consider buying a tent.Ladakh trip Planning

3 person TENT:

2 Person TENT:


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