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We are going to see in this post how to create a fantastic WhatsApp status video. Read this post in full and find out. In this application you can use more photos and different layer. It is a very easy to use music player. This application is a great mobile application that can be used by everyone in the world.
 Lightweight music player with folder browsing, balancing, song cross fading and video playback capabilities. Most notable features include an audio visualizer and an easy HD video product. All visualizations are highly customizable – color / shape / size / audio reaction / your own image and additional transitions.
You can import and export visualization templates as files and view the various ones shared online.
 * Most popular media formats are supported 
 * Live folder browsing with folder shortcuts.   
 * Customizable audio visualizers.
 * Export the display as an HD video file. 
 * Searchable library, array, files, … 
 * Screen orientation lock 
 * Read and save playlists (pla, pls, mpcpl, plp, m3u, m3u8) 
*Lock-screen and status menu widget
 * Supports media and blue-tooth controls
 * Sleep timer
 * Balancer *
 * Cross-fade and gap-less transitions
 * UI color skins
 * 2 types of internal players It is a very easy application that can be used by everyone very easily. It is very easy to use from small to large. The songs in it are very easy to edit.
You can create a WhatsApp status using this application. You can get it for free in the Play Store. It uses very little storage. When this application asks for permission from the microphone, listen to the audio from the deviceIt does not access the microphone, but uses this permission to access the global audio stream at the software level. It is used by the native playback machine and is currently kept for compatibility reasons only.
So I think this will be your very favorite application. Come see in full how you can use this music player now


 Go to the Play Store on your mobile phone and type avee palyer in it.
 Select the ICON that comes first.
 Install the Avee player application.
  Open it on your mobile phone after installation.
  Play your favorite songs after opening
 Then touch the three lines above.
 Touch the visualizer option.
 Now as I said in the video recording you will gradually change every setting (Settings).
 After converting, download it as a video recording.
  Now select the media files you want to use.
 You can create a romantic WhatsApp status of your choice by entering the photos you want to use in the app.
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 I have given the download link of the application I have used in it at the bottom of the video post as well as the link at the top of this post and at the bottom of this post. Please use it to download it.

Heart PNG image: download

100 couple background image: download

Using application :download


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